Prolific ED Therapy

Tulsa, OK


Prolific therapy is a new and revolutionary treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED). Instead of using a traditional medication plan for treating ED, we use a combination of shockwave therapy, stem cell therapy, and platelet rich fibrin matrix, which regenerates the penis and blood vessels. This makes the treatment long-lasting and more successful.

Here Is What Is Included In Prolific Penile ED Therapy:

Also known as shockwave therapy, prolific penile ED therapy introduces acoustic wave vibrations to the penis area. Low-intensity shock waves are directed through the penis area using a safe, nonsurgical applicator. This method is a natural treatment that doesn’t require medication, and aids the body’s natural healing process. The acoustic waves create a low amount of microscopic trauma and stress to the tissue, which triggers the natural healing process of the body, increasing blood flow. When the tissue is stronger and the blood supply is increased, a stronger and longer lasting erection can be achieved. For those worried about medications, this is a great alternative to treating erectile dysfunction that allows your body to naturally help you.

Another reason someone may have erectile dysfunction is due to plaque buildup in the arteries. The blood vessels that supply blood to the penis are very small. Shockwave therapy breaks up plaque, allowing greater blood flow to the penis and restoring blood vessels. This procedure naturally renews blood flow to the penis, leading to a healthier and stronger erection.

Sometimes referred to as “liquid gold,” prolific platelet rich fibrin matrix (PRFM) works by using your own blood and spinning it down to remove platelets. This triggers a natural healing reaction within the body, where platelets and other components in the blood move to the site of these micro-injuries. Platelets release various growth factors responding to tissue injury, and promote healing. By concentrating platelets at the site of the micro-injuries, new blood vessel growth is promoted, and existing blood vessels regenerate. PRFM is strategically injected into blood vessel sites to increase blood flow. By using your body’s natural ability to heal itself, we can trick your body into helping treat your ED symptoms.

Prolific stem cell therapy uses stem cells that have been harvested and frozen in a cryogenic freezer, and are then injected into the penis, creating actual new cells. Stem cells work by encouraging new cell growth in any part of your body. The new cells grow in a fertile PRFM environment, and grow into new tissue and blood vessels. The penis actually regenerates growth, becoming healthier and stronger than ever.

Here Are the Actual Results:


If you are looking for long-lasting results with little to no medication, prolific penile ED therapy is a good option. A $199 office visit guarantees you will see positive results the same day, or your office visit is free. Schedule your appointment today!