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Advanced Testing & Why It Is So Important to Your Health

At Oklahoma Men’s Clinic, we believe in a holistic approach when it comes to your health. Which is why we recommend testing our patients before recommending them therapy. Our licensed specialists and providers will provide our patients PSA tests, SHBG and low testosterone laboratory work, based off of blood tests. We do a thorough amount of testing first to better understand any underlying issues you may have that could be causing your problems. We use cutting-edge laboratory equipment to measure and interpret these tests, giving you accurate real-time results. By doing thorough testing, we can give you more successful treatment plans that are personalized for you. These treatment plans will also be the safest for you if you have any underlying conditions. We want you to achieve your goals, and will help you do that with our technology.

What We Test for and Why

SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Gobulin)

SHBG is a protein that binds to testosterone and inactivates it. Looking at the chart, you can see, as you age, your SHBG increases while your testosterone decreases. We test for SHBG to see where the levels are for this protein as well as testosterone, so we can recommend treatment to lower the SHBG in your body, making your body able to better access the testosterone it already has.

Total Testosterone Levels

Your total testosterone is the sum of both the biologically inactive and active testosterone within your body. Active testosterone is freely floating within your body and is available for your body to use. Inactive testosterone is not available for your body to use. The chart illustrates that at 35 and over, your total testosterone levels decline about 1% every year. Yet, free testosterone declines faster, at a 20% higher rate. We test for both of these to determine how much free testosterone your body has, and how we can help it have a higher level of testosterone to use.

Free Testosterone Levels

The free testosterone test helps us determine how much testosterone your body has, and what is available for your body to use. After testing your free testosterone levels, we compare your levels to a distribution chart to see where you fall. From there we can recommend effective treatment that we believe will have the best success for you personally.

PSA (Prostate-Specific Antigen)

Besides looking at testosterone, we also test for prostate-specific antigen (PSA). As you age, the level of PSA increases. PSA is found in the semen and plays an important role in male fertility. In testing for PSA, we’re able to look at your overall reproductive health, and also screen for possible prostate cancer. From our test, we can recommend a range of effective treatments for your current issues.

CBC (Complete Blood Count)

CBC is also called the hemoglobin test. Hemoglobin is a protein in your red blood cells that helps shuttle oxygen and carbon dioxide back and forth between your organs and your lungs, assisting in the breathing process. If your hemoglobin level is lower than normal, it means you have anemia, which can cause many negative symptoms. If the hemoglobin is higher than normal, the result is thicker blood. As some of our therapies, such as testosterone therapy, can cause blood thickness, we test your CBC to make sure you won’t have any dangerous side effects from our recommended therapies. We also recommend, specifically for testosterone therapy, that you donate blood regularly to prevent higher thickness. Our tests are able to determine what therapies are not only effective but are also the safest for you.