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As men age, their hormone levels steadily decrease, leading to a lower sex drive and other issues. This can affect their self-esteem as well as day-to-day functions. Don’t settle for ineffective treatments for these problems. Tulsa Men’s Clinic offers proven effective treatments that will help you increase your sex drive as well as overall well-being. Our treatments cover a wide range of problems men experience when they age, including: low testosterone (Low T), human growth hormone (HGH), erectile dysfunction (ED), premature ejaculation (PE), and male enhancement (Priapus Shot®).

If you think you’re suffering from one of these symptoms, contact us for help. Our Tulsa men’s clinic offers quality care delivered by licensed physicians giving you the expertise to help you regain your libido and energy levels. Our website is designed to help inform you about the symptoms you might be experiencing, as well as ways to help mitigate these symptoms. We also want to work one on one with you to make sure your needs are being fully met, and you’re getting the treatment you deserve.

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If you’re struggling with erection problems, there are better results out there than those given by Viagra®, Levitra®, and Cialis®, without the side effects. You could live a stress-free life right now by working with our experts at Tulsa Men’s Clinic. Our specialists have a guaranteed solution that has helped thousands of men improve their sex lives and increase their overall happiness. Our clinics work to meet your every need, offering treatments for erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, impotence, HGH therapy, men’s medical weight loss, and low testosterone. Tulsa Men’s Clinic’s certified specialists offer the following:

  • Promised improved results or your first visit is FREE!
  • Treatment given by only the most qualified Licensed Physicians
  • Our treatments are all medically safe, with proven results from multiple studies.
  • We will always give you multiple treatment options so you have more information to make the best decisions for your health.

OUR Motivation

Erectile dysfunction is a common problem for men, and one that can affect almost all areas of their lives. From starting new relationships to maintaining current ones to low self-esteem, erectile dysfunction can negatively impact your day-to-day. With proper treatment, it doesn’t have to be an issue anymore. At our men’s clinic in Tulsa, we offer multiple effective impotence and erectile dysfunction treatment options to improve your sex drive and increase your overall happiness and self-esteem. Some of our treatments are medication based, while others are not, making sure you can find an option that’s right for you. Our specialists have years of experience and are trained specifically in meeting the needs and concerns you may have.

We pride ourselves in being a comprehensive and high-quality care men’s clinic dedicated to giving effective treatment proven to improve lives and overall health. We are glad to help our local Oklahoma communities with the most leading-edge technology and laboratories to give you real-time results for the most effective erectile dysfunction and Low T treatments in Tulsa.


The aging process can be uncomfortable and scary, as you don’t have the same energy as you did before. This is especially accurate for your sexual health and libido. It can be awkward and embarrassing to talk to your physician about the problems you may be experiencing. It can also be uncomfortable talking to your partner or friends about these problems. We offer a safe and confidential environment where you can feel comfortable getting the treatment and help you need.

At Tulsa Men’s Clinic, we put you first by pairing you with qualified specialists to get treatment for any problems you may be experiencing, from erectile dysfunction and impotence to Low T or incontinence. Treatment at Tulsa Men’s Clinic is always just a phone call away.

We want you to feel empowered, confident, and relaxed about the aging process and know that you can overcome any of the typical symptoms men face with aging. Our goals are to help you improve your sex life as quickly and effectively as possible, regaining your lost youthful energy. We offer a wide range of options for treatment and have two branches to help men in the Oklahoma area and all over the country get back their old sex life.


At Tulsa Men’s Clinic, we believe everyone deserves access to real results and restored confidence and vitality in the bedroom. That’s why we offer financing options, including in-house financing as well as other options, to ensure our treatments are accessible to all. With our flexible financing options, you can get the personalized testosterone, ED, and weight loss treatments you need to start your journey to enhanced confidence and vitality.

Priapus FAQ

Q: Does Priapus shot increase size?
A: As Men age their ears keep growing and the penis shrinks. Not very fair is it. Actually the penis retracts and doesn’t really shrink. The Priapus shot can restore your prior length and girth, and as much as 20% in addition.

Q: How long does a Priapus shot last?
A: The priapus results typically last between 12 and 18 months.

Q: Is the Priapus shot permanent?
A: No the Priapus shot is an ongoing treatment. We have many men who have been getting one annually for years.

Q: Is the Priapus shot painful?
A: No, men are given numbing cream, which is very effective in completely numbing the procedure area. There is no downtime, and little to no soreness after the procedure is completed.

Q: How many times can you get the Priapus shot?
A: Because the priapus shot uses your own biologics, there is no limit to how many procedures you can receive. We have many men that have been doing semi-annual shots for years.

Q: How long does it take for the Priapus shot to start working.
A: Depending on your goals you should experience stronger erections and stronger orgasms in the first 45 days. Length and girth increases happen slowly over a 90 day period.

Q: Is the Priapus shot FDA approved?
A: The FDA regulates medications not procedures. Since the Priapus shot uses your own biologics there are no medications used. PRFM and PRP have been widely studied and medically accepted.

Q: Where is the Priapus shot injected?
A: The shot is injected in 5 spots, the cavernous injected twice on both sides in different areas, and a single injection in the gland.


Q: What does HGH do to your body?
A: Human Growth Hormone when in abundance slows the aging of your organs, producing anti-aging benefits which include but are not limited to advanced loss of body fat, enhanced muscle growth, stronger bone density, quicker wound healing and exercise recovery, improved cognitive capabilities and moods, sleep replacement, improved sexual function, stronger immune system, decreased cardiovascular risk, and slower aging rates.

Q: Is it legal to have HGH?
A: Yes. but only by prescription and under the supervision of a licensed Physician.

Q: Is HGH a steroid?
A: No Human Growth Hormone is a Peptide. Many people think it is a steroid as athletes often would mix steroids with HGH to improve athletic performance.

Q: Is HGH sold over the counter?
A: No, it is by prescription only.

Q: What happens when you stop taking HGH?
A: Like any other therapy when you stop taking HGH you slowly lose the benefits you were receiving and return to your pre HGH therapy self.

Q: How can I get a prescription for HGH.
A: You must be seen by a licensed medical provider and get a prescription under their supervision.

Q; How do I know if I need HGH?
A: Men will lose HGH twice as fast as testosterone after the age of 35. An IGF-1 blood test is given to show estimated HGH levels. If you are low therapy can be recommended.

Q: Can I take HGH with high blood pressure?
A: It depends on the dosage and the severity and control of the blood pressure. It is best to seek the advice of the physician on a case by case basis.

Q: Can a diabetic take HGH?
A: It depends on the dosage and the severity and control of the diabetes. It is best to seek the advice of the physician on a case by case basis.

Q: Does HGH enlarge your heart?
A: Human Growth Hormone builds the strength of muscles, as in all muscle strengthening enlargement is one result.

Q: Is DHEA the same as HGH?
A: No, (DHEA) Dehyroepiandrosterone is a hormone, and (HGH) Human Growth Hormone is a peptide. Both become depleted with natural aging, and both are supplemented and used in Anti-aging.

Q: Does HGH get you bigger?
A: Human Growth Hormone will enhance muscle mass and the production of muscle.

Q: Is HGH harmful?
A: All therapies are harmful if misused or abused. HGH when properly dosed and used specifically as prescribed under the supervision of a medical professional is beneficial and not harmful.


Q: What happens when a man’s testosterone is low?
A: Men who suffer from low testosterone levels have a myriad of symptoms and problems to include but not limited to low sexual desire, Fatigue, loss of muscle strength, fat and weight gain, poor concentration and memory, poor sleep routine, less strong erections, low endurance levels, and poor work out results.

Q: How do you fix low testosterone?
A: Low testosterone cannot be fixed per say, only treated. Once levels become low rarely if ever will they naturally restore themselves. The testosterone must be replaced that is not being produced by the testes. Therapies to replace testosterone can include injections, pellets, topical creams, and oral tablets.

Q: What is the main cause of low testosterone?
A: There are many things which can effect your testosterone to include but not limited to stress, diet, illness, foods and water, and natural aging.

Q: Does Masturbation reduce testosterone?
A: No, however it can cause a form of erectile dysfunction.

Q: How can I raise my testosterone levels?
A: Therapies to replace testosterone can include injections, pellets, topical creams, and oral tablets.

Q: Can testosterone increase size?
A: No testosterone will not increase length or girth, but it can slow natural shrinkage of the penis.

Q: What is the average testosterone level by age?
A: There is no average really, just a optimum and minimal range. This also depends greatly on the range of the test. Some tests range from 300 on the low end and 800 to 1080 on the optimal end. 300 would reflect an elderly man and 800 or 1080 a young man.

Q: When should you get testosterone therapy?
A: You should get testosterone therapy as soon as you become symptomatic.

Q: What foods destroy testosterone?
A: Foods that lower testosterone include but are not limited to processed foods, sweets and bakery goods, mints, licorice root, vegetable oils, sugar, alcohol, Flaxseed oils, and Dairy products.

Q: What foods help increase testosterone?
A: Foods that help raise testosterone include but are not limited to healthy fats, high quality proteins, complex carbs, ginger, foods with zinc, ashwagandha, and foods with magnesium.