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We ensure that the appointment process is easy, sending you reminders notifying you about your upcoming appointment. All of our appointments are confidential. We know how uncomfortable it can be starting the process of getting help, but we do our best to make sure to provide you a comfortable environment. Our appointments are all with licensed physicians and providers, who will work closely with you to get to the underlying issues of the problems you may be having. We want to make sure you have all the tools and support you need to reach your personal goals.

Oklahoma Men’s Clinic is located in Tulsa Oklahoma. For your convenience, our hours are Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Our specialists will give you answers at each appointment, and will be able to address any question or concern you may have. Our treatments are proven effective, making them more cost-effective for you. Don’t wait to get help, or settle for a treatment that’s not effective. This can waste your time and money. Start working with us now to get the help you deserve. If you’re ready to make an appointment with one of our clinics, please fill out the form below.

Appointment Hotlines

New Patients: (918) 900-2200

Tulsa Existing Patients: (918) 895-9100


4415 S. Harvard Ave, Ste 201
Tulsa, OK 74135

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Monday-Friday: 9:00am — 5:00pm

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