Our Difference

Experience the experience at Tulsa Men’s Clinic

What makes us different? a lot.


Choosing the right Medical Practice is extremely important. Maybe even more important when choosing the Medical Practice that specializes in Erectile Dysfunction (ED), Testosterone Deficiency (Low T), and Men’s Wellness.

#1: We Treat ED. Period. Full Stop.

  • Are they experts? We are. Just because they say they are experts, it doesn’t mean they are.
  • Do they have multiple answers and solutions to your problem? We do.
  • We are completely committed to solving the issues of Erectile Dysfunction and all of the health problems that surround it.

#2: You Consult with Medical Doctors & Urologists on Staff.

There are many tools to treat ED, Testosterone Deficiency, and Men’s Wellness. But in untrained and medically mediocre hands, those tools won’t work as well.

  • We offer the right treatment option, the right dose, the right method, the right choice.
  • You want and deserve to be examined, diagnosed, and treated by a highly trained medical doctor. Don’t settle for less.

#3: Comprehensive Approach

It is baffling how certain clinics out there say they treat ED, but then only give you ONE option, like Acoustic Wave. How can they look you in the eye and truthfully say that ONE answer is the ONLY answer? This is not how medicine works.

  • We are experts in ALL of the various modalities and options available for ED. We focus on solving the problem, where the other guy is focused on one small piece to the puzzle. We are committed to your results.
  • If one thing doesn’t work as well, we can pivot to the next, and to the next, until you get results.
  • If they don’t focus on ED, Testosterone Deficiency, Hormone Imbalance, and Male Wellness, then you won’t get the best possible answers and solutions for your health.

#4: Leading Edge Medicine

We are members of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, the leading medical authority on the most advanced ways to improve health.

  • Our Physicians are committed to keeping up with the best medical science has to offer, bringing the newest and most advanced medical protocols for ED, Hormone Imbalance, and Wellness.
  • Through this training and awareness, you will have access to these options before anyone else knows about it or understands how to medically use it.

#5: Original & Experienced. We have been doing it longer than anyone else in Oklahoma.

We were first. Everyone else is just trying to keep up, pun intended. Thousands upon thousands of men successfully treated since 2015 right here in Tulsa

#6: We Treat Your Partner.

      Gentlemen, if you want to be your best in the bedroom, SHE has to be at her best too.

      • The best medical approach is to ensure BOTH of you are successfully treated.
      • If another clinic does not know how to treat your wife or your girlfriend, if she needs it, then they are not helping YOU.
      • We can sky rocket her libido, improve her mood, increase her energy, and help her control her weight. Can they?

      We treat women because it helps men. And by the way, we’ve learned a few secrets about women too. Come on in and we’ll share them with you. Tulsa Men’s Clinic: For Tulsa Men. And the Women Who Love Them.