Prolific Therapy

The Most Advanced ED Therapy Available

Prolific is the latest in total male aging ED issues or just wanting to enhance your current sexual prowess. Designed to handle men from early to Intermediate stages of Erectile Dysfunction, men can be restored to their pre-erectile dysfuntion state, or requiring little to no oral medication. We offer three levels of treatment starting with our Prolific Basic. Our Basic, designed for early stage ED patients uses the most technological and effective LI-ESWT Electrohydrolic Focused Shockwave Therapy. This therapy is has more than 300% more focused energy and depth than any other shockwave Therapy currently available. Prolific Plus, for early to intermediate ED patients, adds the power of Emsella Electromagneticc therapy which rebuilds the substructure of the penis and strenthens the pelvic floor. Prolific Ultimate, for men in beginning – intermdiate – and in some cases early advanced ED, then adds PRFM (Platlet Rich Fibrin Matrix which addresses the final issues of male aging and ED issues. By using the power of your own biologics, we can restore lost sensitivity, length, girth, and generate greater blood flow to the penis for stronger erections and incredible orgasm’s. Beware of clinics that tell you shockwave therapy works for everyone because it does not. Men with Advanced Erectile Dysfunction or severe stage medical conditions would not be good Candidates. Our board Certified Urologist and Medical Doctors will tell you the straight talk about whether or not Prolific is right for you.

Prolific Basic

Prolific Basic is for Men who are in the early stages of Erectile Dysfunction, or just want to enhance their current performance. Six Treatments with the latest and most effective shockwave therapy currently available in North America. Click here to learn more about Prolific Basic.

Prolific Plus

Prolific Plus is for Men who are in the early to intermediate stages of ED. By using Electro-magnetic wave Therapy to the Pelvic floor, we are able to restore penile function from the bottom up. The combination of Alma Duo and Emsella is the most advanced therapy available. Learn more here about Prolific Plus

Prolific Ultimate

As Men age they lose size and sensitivity in their Penis. Funny that your ears grow, and your penis gets smaller. Our Priapus Shot using Platelet-rich Fibrin Matrix (PRFM) can restore size, sensitivity, and enhance blood flow giving you stronger erections and orgasms. Learn more here about how PRFM is a fantastic solution to your aging ED issues