Erectile Dysfunction Therapy

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What is erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction, or ED, is a condition where a man has a difficult time achieving or sustaining an erection during sex. ED may seem scary, but is actually quite common, affecting as many as 50% of men over the age of 40. ED can cause awkwardness and low self-esteem for men who have it. While ED does not have any dangerous symptoms, research has shown it to be associated with other conditions such as systemic vascular disease, heart conditions, renal failure, BPH, prostate cancer, depression, and others. Due to this, physicians recommend that men who have ED get medical consultation or professional treatment.

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How is erectile dysfunction treated?

Thankfully, there are many types of erectile dysfunction treatment. At Tulsa Men’s Clinic, we offer a wide range of treatment options. To begin treatment for impotence, our Tulsa specialists and providers will check your medications, medical history, and conditions or surgeries you’ve had or have now. They will also do an ultrasound of the penis to check the blood flow, determine your body mass index (BMI), and do some blood work. From these, our specialists will tell you what might be causing your symptoms and the best erectile dysfunction treatment. We promise that you will get the best medical recommendations and licensed medical providers.

Your treatment may not include ED medication (such as our new prolific therapy), or may be something more robust, like bypass sublingual therapy or TRI-MED therapy. The specialists in erectile dysfunction at Tulsa Men’s Clinic will advise you on your ED medication options and give you the best recommendations for effective treatment. Studies have shown all these treatments to be effective in improving erectile dysfunction symptoms, making sure that you don’t have to worry about impotence anymore.

Who suffers from erectile dysfunction?

While most people assume that erectile dysfunction affects men over a certain age, it actually affects men of all ages. As your body ages, things don’t work as effectively as they should. For men, male arousal depends on many things working together: the brain, nerves, cardiovascular system, hormones, and even emotions. If all of these components work properly, arousal is easy. However, there are many contributing factors that may be making erectile dysfunction occur, making it easier to affect all men at some point in their lives.

what causes erectile dysfunction?

There are a variety of causes of ED in men, and some of the reasons men experience erectile dysfunction include:

what are ED signs and symptoms?

The primary signs and symptoms of erectile dysfunction are:

  • Trouble getting an erection.
  • Trouble maintaining an erection.
  • Lack of or reduced sexual desire.

erectile dysfunction therapy

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