PhalloFILL® Male Enhancement

Look and Feel Phenomenal with PhalloFILL for Natural Male Enhancement

If you’re looking to boost your confidence and enhance your intimate experience, it’s time to discover PhalloFILL®. PhalloFILL® represents a groundbreaking approach to penile girth enhancement, harnessing the power of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers to sculpt and refine your anatomical features without compromising functionality.*

Hyaluronic acid, pronounced hi-ah-lew-ron-ic, is a naturally occurring, gel-like substance found throughout your body, particularly in the eyes, joints, and skin. It’s a truly remarkable substance, renowned for its myriad benefits and versatile applications in your body. Studies like those from The Cleveland Clinic have consistently shown that hyaluronic acid is not only safe but also exceptionally well-tolerated. Despite its name, it’s less of an “acid” and more of a cutting-edge medical filler, leading the way in the realm of medical cosmetic procedures.

PhalloFILL® is an advanced, professionally administered procedure, setting the gold standard for non-surgical girth enhancement. By combining extensive research, a variety of techniques, and over two decades of aesthetic expertise to deliver semi-permanent results tailored specifically to your unique goals, PhalloFILL® offers a secure and proven state-of-the-art solution for men seeking an enhanced sense of confidence and well-being.

PhalloFILL® is a proprietary treatment, available exclusively through approved medical professionals and performed solely by certified doctors and technicians who have undergone rigorous training to ensure the highest level of skill, care, and precision. At the Tulsa Men’s Clinic, we are honored to be a trusted part of PhalloFILL®‘s network of experienced providers and proudly stand as Oklahoma’s exclusive provider of this innovative technique. When you choose the Tulsa Men’s Clinic for your PhalloFILL® procedure, you can have complete confidence in our commitment to using only FDA-approved products and adhering to stringent protocols, all to deliver safe, natural, and enduring results.

Get the Girth You Want with PhalloFILL® from Tulsa Men’s Clinic

PhalloFILL® is powered by the incredible properties of hyaluronic acid, a natural, safe, and time-tested dermal filler. This remarkable substance, FDA-approved for volumetric enhancements since 2004, offers a distinct advantage over other procedures or treatments. Not only does it effectively increase penile diameter, but it does so without the inherent complications or short-lived results often associated with alternative methods. 

Another standout feature of PhalloFILL® is its adaptability and reversibility, giving you the freedom to tailor your experience with the option to add or dissolve filler at any time to align with your aesthetic objectives.

The development of the PhalloFILL® procedure was the result of a collaborative effort between leading urologists and plastic surgeons. It typically spans two or more treatment sessions, each requiring approximately 30 minutes and producing better results every time. 

Most PhalloFILL® patients experience:

  • A notable 1/4-to-1/3-inch expansion in flaccid or erect penile girth following each session. 
  • An impressive 1/2-inch increase within just two sessions. 
  • Remarkable gains of 1 to 1 ½ inches or even more after a total of 3-4 treatments. 
  • Results that can last as long as 4-6 years before needing a touchup.

The power of PhalloFILL® lies in its blend of safety, effectiveness, unique injection techniques, and specialized post-treatment care, making the sky the limit when it comes to girth enhancement, all while ensuring your comfort and peace of mind.

PhalloFILL® boasts an array of benefits, including:

  • Elevated confidence, so you can rediscover greater self-assurance in every aspect of your life.
  • Enhanced sexual satisfaction, so both you and your partner can experience heightened pleasure.
  • Resilience against shrinkage, minimizing the effects of cold, anxiety, or medication side effects.
  • The appearance of fuller length, even when flaccid.* 

PhalloFILL® is your gateway to a more confident, satisfying, and comfortable intimate experience, all through a procedure that is safe, reliable, and tailored to your needs.

Find Next-Level Confidence with PhalloFILL® from Tulsa Men’s Clinic


Whether you’re in search of a discreet size enhancement or a remarkable transformation in your intimate experiences, PhalloFILL® is here to help you achieve your goals. At Tulsa Men’s Clinic, we recognize the delicate and private nature of sexual health concerns, and our approach to care is all-encompassing, focusing on the entire individual. In addition to considering your unique anatomy, we also strive to address your physical, emotional, and mental well-being needs in an environment designed to be safe, comfortable, and confidential.

At the Tulsa Men’s Clinic, PhalloFILL® and other specialized procedures are skillfully administered by Dr. Cai, a true expert in the field of men’s sexual health and anti-aging therapies with years of experience devoted to helping men attain their optimal health.

“PhalloFILL® empowers us to continue our mission of delivering the highest quality wellness options to our male patients and their supportive partners,” says Dr. Cai.

As a standalone procedure or in conjunction with other advanced therapies available at Tulsa Men’s Clinic such as hormone replacement therapy, peptide therapy, trimix therapy, cellular medicine, and the O and P shots, PhalloFILL® is your solution to increased size, enhanced sexual potency, and an elevated quality of life. Discover if PhalloFILL®  is right for you by scheduling a no-obligation consultation today. Your journey towards enhanced confidence and fulfillment begins here at Tulsa Men’s Clinic.

*PhalloFILL® cannot increase penile length.