ED & Diabetes

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How Can OKMC help my ED caused by Diabetes?

Research of erectile dysfunction shows that it is more prevalent in men who have diabetes (45-85%) compared to the general male population (26%). Erectile dysfunction can be a symptom of diabetes in aging men, occurring gradually. The onset of erectile dysfunction also occurs 10 to15 years earlier in men with diabetes than it does in men who do not have diabetes. This is due to the change in blood flow in diabetics, as the changes in blood flow can also reduce the blood flow in the penis, leading to erectile dysfunction. Diabetics tend to have more restricted blood flow due to their inability to produce insulin. Due to this, the blood flow can be restricted all over the body, including the penis, leading to problems achieving and sustaining an erection. This can cause many problems for men in their relationships.

Diabetics also tend to have different nerve sensitivity, as many parts of their bodies may be less sensitive than those in a healthy body. Due to this, the penis may not have as sensitive nerves, and therefore many be harder to achieve and sustain an erection. The muscles within the penis may also not be able to relax as well either, leading to a loss of function.

Viagra (Sildenafil) works by increasing the amount of nitric oxide in the blood, which allows for the relaxation of the smooth penile muscle, causing an erection. While this can be successful for some men (70% of healthy men) it had only a reported 36% success rate for diabetic men. The side effects of Viagra may also not make it worthwhile to take, as they include headaches, lightheadedness, dizziness, and flushing. Some users have also reported a bluish tinge in the cornea of their eye, making them feel as if they’re wearing blue-tinted sunglasses. Many of these effects can last for hours.

For those who may not want to take Viagra or cannot, injections are a viable option to help treat erectile dysfunction in men with diabetes. Our staff at the Oklahoma Men’s Clinic recommend injections that use Trimix, a drug used to induce erection. These injections have had a 90% success rate from our previous studies. The chemicals found within Trimix injections help to encourage the relaxation of the smooth penile muscle, creating a full and long-lasting erection. These injections also encourage an increase in blood flow to the penis, also helping to contribute to a powerful erection. Depending on your overall health and diagnostics, our staff may recommend injections with Trimix to help you overcome your problems with erectile dysfunction.

Can You Help Me?

At Oklahoma Men’s Clinic, we will do a series of diagnostics and tests to give you the best recommendations for treatment of erectile dysfunction. Our tests will include medications, medical history, any surgeries or conditions, as well as an ultrasound of the penis to check for current blood flow, a body mass index (BMI), and blood work. From our tests, our specialists will recommend the most effective and safest treatment options for you. All of our treatments have been proven effective by various studies, so they’re cost-effective. For treating erectile dysfunction, we’ve had over a 90% success rate in our erectile dysfunction treatments.