Electrocariogram (EKG)

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If you’re interested in losing weight or getting back into shape, let our specialists know, so they can personalize a diet and exercise program for you. They’ll plan this program based on an electrocardiogram (EKG) test at our Tulsa clinic, to make sure that the personalized program is effective and safe for you. The EKG lets our specialists look at your heart health. They can use the EKG as a guide for determining the best types of food to help you lose weight. Our EKG test machines at our Tulsa clinic are cutting-edge, making the testing convenient and easy.

Our weight loss clinic is here to help you meet your personal goals and keep you right on track.

What to Expect from an EKG at Our Weight Loss Clinic for Men

An EKG test at our clinic in Tulsa is an important first step in evaluating a patient’s health.

During an EKG, sticky electrodes are applied to the chest, shoulders, and sides of the lower chest. Wires are used to connect these electrodes to an EKG machine. You will be asked to remain very still while our staff records the EKG readings. The electrical signals from your heart run through these wires and are measured by the machine. This process only takes a minute to complete, and all records are stored confidentially at our clinic. From the electrical signals measured, our physicians and providers can determine your heart’s current health and any issues it may be having.

The electrocardiogram test at our Tulsa clinic is extremely safe with no risks involved. In rare cases, some people may develop skin irritation from the electrode adhesive, but no serious allergic reactions have been reported.

The best preparation for an EKG is to wear loose fitting clothing that allows easy access to your chest. Wearing something with buttons or zippers makes this convenient and easy. Prior to this test, your chest may be cleansed with alcohol wipes to ensure good electrical contact with the EKG electrode. For men who have a hairy chest, small areas may need to be shaved to allow proper skin contact with the electrode. This avoids an inaccurate recording and ensures the EKG produces a technically accurate study.

The EKG results give our physicians important measurements for your health, including heart rhythm, a previous heart attack, increased thickness of heart muscle, signs of decreased oxygen delivery to the heart, and problems with conduction of the electrical current from one portion of the heart to another. From these results, our men’s heart health and weight loss experts in Tulsa can prescribe the safest and most effective treatment personalized for your health.