Fatigue & Decreased Energy Levels

Are you tired of being tired?

Faitgued Is not your new normal

It’s common in the aging process to feel more and more tired. Chronic fatigue can be caused by many things, but for men it can be caused by low testosterone or low HGH levels, or a combination of the two. If you’re a man experiencing chronic fatigue, such as falling asleep after dinner or feeling exhausted frequently, you could be dealing with andropause (low testosterone or Low T) or a deficiency in levels of human growth hormone (low HGH). It’s important to seek medical help to see if this may be the case. At Oklahoma Men’s Clinic, we offer services to not only test for these factors, but also offer treatments to relieve these issues, regaining your old energy back.


Low levels of testosterone and HGH can cause fatigue. Low testosterone or low HGH can induce sleep apnea, night sweats, or insomnia, all of which can contribute to chronic fatigue due to reducing the amount of sleep you may get at night. All of these can decrease your sleep from the 6 to 9 hours of sleep needed each night. Chronic fatigue can lead to other problems such as irritability, diminished motivation, or low sex drive. Unfortunately, there are other negative symptoms associated with low testosterone or low HGH, including weight gain, which produce a less energetic and sluggish man. The combination of weight gain and fatigue can cause even more chronic fatigue. Many times, your body fights this chronic fatigue by increasing cortisol levels. Cortisol is a stress hormone. Having more of a stress hormone in your body over a longer period of time is not healthy for your body, and can lead to more weight gain. This vicious cycle can continue until the person seeks help. Oklahoma Men’s clinic offers options to help with your chronic fatigue. Through our testing, our specialists may recommend balancing your testosterone or HGH levels, which will naturally boost your energy levels. We also offer personalized exercise and diet programs to help you lose weight and gain some of your old energy back. Exercise can help you work off the cortisol hormones and get your body moving, lifting your energy naturally.


At the Oklahoma Men’s Clinic, we believe in a holistic approach when it comes to treating your chronic fatigue. This is why we will do comprehensive testing for your first appointment, to understand any underlying issues that may be present. Depending on your tests, our specialists may recommend either our vitality blended testosterone hormone therapy or our RESTORE low-level HGH therapy. Both of these have been proven effective by various studies. These therapies will be customized to your deficiencies, making them quick and effective at combating your chronic fatigue. Our staff will work closely with you to make sure you are getting the treatment you need. Life is too short to settle for ineffective treatments or continue to live with chronic fatigue. Contact us today to get started on getting your energy back.