Meet the Founder – Dr. John Robinson

Dr. John A. Robinson is a board certified naturopathic medical doctor specializing in hormone replacement therapy, anti-aging medicine, functional medicine, and longevity medicine.

Dr. Robinson has come to Oklahoma to bring his passion and 17 years of medical experience in testosterone replacement therapy, Erectile Dysfunction treatment, and health optimization. His other practice, The Hormone Zone, is part of his commitment towards helping as many patients as possible live an optimal and healthy life.

“I’m a family man. My wife, Dr. Cristina Romero-Bosch, and I have always brought a sense of family to our practice. I believe in God, our beloved Country, and the power and purpose of Family, and I certainly know that healthy relationships are one key towards true fulfillment,” Dr. Robinson said.

Dr. Robinson’s leadership and influence are an integral part of the culture we have created for our family of patients. Come see the difference at Tulsa Men’s Clinic.

If you would like to speak with Dr. Robinson personally, please reach out to the Clinic Staff and make this simple request, and he will respond right away.

Dr. Robinson & jim traber

You can often catch Dr. Robinson with sports legend Jim Traber on The Sports Animal, discussing important men’s health issues.

People Of Midtown Magazine

Dr. Robinson also contribues to People of Midtown magazine, an exclusive magazine for the people of Midtown in Tulsa. His articles cover a wide range of issues, including men’s sexual health, longevity medicine, and wellness treatments.