Memory Loss In Men

Tulsa, OK


Memory loss can be something that becomes more frequent as we age. It can be a scary and difficult process for some men to deal with. Research has shown that low testosterone and human growth hormone (HGH) levels may have a direct relationship with cognitive health in men. The Alzheimer’s Association claims that men with low testosterone and HGH levels are at a higher risk of developing Alzheimer’s or dementia. Low hormone levels can cause difficulty concentrating, fogginess, and memory loss. This process of memory loss can begin in men as young as 30 years old. While this is a difficult and scary situation, getting professional treatment can help improve your cognitive health and your memory. Our staff at the Oklahoma Men’s Clinic specializes in boosting both testosterone and HGH levels naturally, to encourage an increase in memory function.


Research shows that levels of the hormones testosterone and HGH can affect the levels of the stress hormone cortisol within our bodies. Cortisol in turn affects how our brain sends signals and thinks. As the testosterone and HGH levels decrease as we age, the cortisol levels can cause a neurotransmitter malfunction, leading to fogginess, difficulty concentrating, and memory loss.


At the Oklahoma Men’s Clinic, we believe in a holistic approach when it comes to treatment. Our specialists and providers use cutting-edge laboratory technology to run a series of thorough tests and diagnostics to determine your current hormone levels, and recommend the best course of treatment. We offer only effective treatment that has been proven through various research studies, making it successful and cost-effective for you. Life is too short to deal with mental fogginess or memory loss. Our treatment options are easy to use and effective, helping hundreds of men like you. Depending on your tests and diagnostics, our staff will recommend either our vitality blended testosterone hormone therapy or our Restore low-level HGH therapy to help get you the treatment you need and deserve. Contact our staff now if you’re interested in learning more.