Unexplained Muscle Loss

Tulsa OK

What Exactly Is Muscle Loss?

Muscle loss is quite common in aging men. Research shows that it is usually due to low testosterone levels or low human growth hormone (HGH) levels. As testosterone and HGH decreases in your body, so does your ability to build and retain muscle mass. This process can start as early as age 20, but significantly increase over the age of 40. Your body slowly begins to resist converting fat to muscle, and the brain stops signaling for the production of muscle tissue. This can cause issues in fitness and overall health for many men, causing them to feel weak or even lose function. It’s important to see a professional to get treatment for this problem.

What Are the Causes of Muscle Loss?

Research illustrates that there is a direct relationship to low testosterone and low HGH levels, as both are instrumental in retaining existing muscle and building new muscle. Testosterone and HGH signal the brain to replace lost muscle mass as they bind to the brain’s receptors and tell it to produce more muscle. Between the ages of 25 and 60, muscle mass will naturally shrink at a rate of about a half percent each year, and that rate increases to over 2% after age 70. Exercise and eating healthy are key components of muscle production as well. If you eat poorly, your muscles will not have the resources they need to continue to grow and stay strong. Having a higher protein diet is very good for building strong muscles. Exercising daily encourages muscle strengthening and toning, regenerating muscle mass.

The Solution

If you are a man struggling with muscle loss, it’s a good idea to get the treatment you need. Oklahoma Men’s Clinic will identify whether our vitality blended testosterone hormone therapy or our Restore low-level HGH therapy is best for your individual needs. Through state-of-the-art testing and a thorough evaluation, we will recommend the best muscle loss replacement treatment. Our staff will work closely with you to get you back into shape and to stay motivated and strong. All of our treatment plans are personalized to your needs, and have been proven effective through research studies. Contact Oklahoma Men’s Clinic today to learn more about improving your muscle mass and your overall wellness.