Premature Ejaculation (PE)

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As you may recall from that awkward day in sex-ed class, when a man achieves climax and ejaculates, he releases his semen. Premature Ejaculation or PE occurs anytime a man ejaculates sooner than he or his partner wishes during intimate intercourse. A related condition is Rapid Ejaculation or RE. It is similar to PE, but only occurs on an occasional basis. PE can be unbelievably exasperating for a man and often leads to problems with his sexual relationship with his partner. Needless to say, this also affects how fun and enjoyable sex can be. We know this is an extremely personal problem here at the Oklahoma Men’s Clinic. Our staff will work with you with strict confidentiality to provide you the expert advice you need.

Men often feel isolated and believe they are a very small part of the population dealing with PE. This is simply not true. Approximately 1 in every 3 men over the age of 18 has an issue with Premature Ejaculation at some point of their life. You may think this condition is just “in your head.” While this has been a popular opinion for years, medical research suggests PE is quite likely a physical problem.

What Causes Premature Ejaculation (PE) Serotonin Levels?

Medical research still hasn’t precisely figured out why some men physically have PE while it never occurs in others. Some medical studies suggest that Serotonin could be a key factor. Serotonin is natural substance produced by nerves. If found in high levels, it has been shown to increase the amount of time until a man ejaculates. If the levels of Serotonin are low, the brain can generate a premature ejaculation.

Nerve Endings which are Unusually Sensitive Biologically

The nerve endings in penises are highly sensitive in some men. Because of this, the average time it takes to ejaculate is much shorter than the average population. Medical research suggests these nerve endings are found much closer to the surface of the skin, than others. This leaves them especially exposed to stimulation. A man with unusually sensitive nerve endings may ejaculate before they even know what is going on. This can be a key cause to a man’s problems with premature ejaculation.

Treating Premature Ejaculation (PE)

Our board-certified providers at the Oklahoma Men’s Clinic use TriMed Therapy when treating our patients with PE. It has been absolutely amazing to see the results of this treatment in combating PE in men. A man and his partner decide together the duration of intercourse with our therapy. You both will chose the amount of time you stay erect. Never again will you be concerned with the loss of your firmness after you climax and ejaculate. Your problems with PE will no longer be a concern to you or your partner.

Age and PE

A common reason given for PE is someone’s age. However, studies have shown that natural aging isn’t a key contributing factor to PE and it can occur in all ages of sexually active men. However, do keep in mind that as men become older the firmness of their erection can decrease over time. These sorts of changes in men of an advanced age can lead to them to ejaculate earlier.

Your Sexual Partner and PE

PE isn’t something that just affects you. Your partner is also affected by PE. Sexual partners often report the loss of closeness between each other if one is experiencing PE. This can lead to feelings of anger or shame and put serious stress on a relationship or even end it. We want to help you avoid feeling disconnected from each other and hope you take advantage of our treatments to avert any emotional difficulties between you and your partner.

Numbing Sprays or Creams

Treatments at other facilities often use desensitizing sprays or creams on your penis. Generally applied before you become intimate with your partner, the idea is to cause your penis to have less sensation in the hopes you last longer. If left on your penis for too long however, you may begin to lose your erection. Plus, when you penetrate your partner, this spray or cream will rub off onto them also. With both you and your partner desensitized, no one will enjoy an orgasm at the end of the day.

Can You Help Me?

Yes! We most likely can assist you. We will chart in detail any and all medications you are taking at the Oklahoma Men’s clinic. Our providers will go over your medical history, condition history, as well as review any conditions or surgeries you may have or had. We will use our state of the art equipment to conduct a Doppler ultra sound of your penis. This ensures there is no blood flow problems. We will also provide a Futurex BMI (Body Mass Index) to evaluate your current fat levels and its possible impact on your PE. To make this examination as thorough as possible, we will do blood work to make sure no unseen conditions are contributing to your PE. After this extensive examination, we will give you our best recommendation to treat your condition. The Oklahoma Men’s Clinic has a success rate of about 97% when treating men with premature ejaculation. We are confident we can help you and invite you to visit our facility. Talk to us about any questions you have about PE or RE. We are here to help!