Restore Therapy Benefits

Will I Benefit From HGH Therapy? YES!

The Therapy we offer

Studies have shown that human growth hormone (HGH) offers a wide range of health benefits. Which is why we at the Oklahoma Men’s Clinic offer Restore low level HGH therapy to give you those health benefits. Many studies of HGH have been performed over the past 30 years, and they continue to demonstrate that through subcutaneous injections, human growth hormone improves energy, eliminates cellulite, increases immune function, improves sexual performance, builds muscle mass and increases fat loss, removes wrinkles, and overall decreases signs of aging. One study with 202 test subjects found that small daily HGH injections had significant increases on anti-aging improvements. The results are as follows: 88% strength, exercise and body fat, muscle strength – 84% emotions and memory, energy level – 83% back flexibility – 81% exercise tolerance – 81% muscle size – 78% attitude toward life – 75% sexual function, sexual potency/frequency – 73% resistance to common illness – 72% body fat loss – 71% healing capacity – 71% skin elasticity – 71% skin and hair care, skin texture – 67% emotional stability – 62% duration of penile erection – 62% memory – 61% healing of other injuries – 57% lowering frequency of night time urination – 61% wrinkle disappearance. These benefits have been proven effective by various research, making them more cost-effective. Don’t settle for expensive or ineffective treatments. Come talk to our specialists at the Oklahoma Men’s Clinic and get started on getting the treatment you deserve today. Our specialists are there to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Here Is the Science Behind HGH Benefits:

Accelerates Wound Healing

Wounds can happen to anyone, whether you’re an athlete or not. Usually, wounds take a long time to heal, and even when they are healed, they can often leave behind scars or some sort of impairment. For those who often get injured, such as athletes or active men, it’s important to understand the wound healing process. Wounds can indicate that joints and ligaments are damaged and need healing. This healing takes time, leaving you to hobble or limp in the process. The protein collagen is important in helping joints and wounds to properly heal. People who use HGH notice that joints repair rapidly since the first day of use. HGH encourages wound healing by increasing collagen, quickening the process.

Improves Bone Density

Bone density is measured by the amount of calcium minerals per square centimeter of bone. If the bone density is low, the bones are more fragile and easier to break, due to having large holes in them from lack of minerals. If the bone density gets dangerously low, it’s considered osteoporosis, which can be caused by decreased collagen and osteocalcin levels. Studies have shown that HGH directly increases both collagen and osteocalcin, helping to improve bone density. Greater bone density allows for more functional movement and less injury, making you feel and look healthier.

Improves Cardiac Functions

Cardiac functions can be impaired because of age. The older you get, the more worn out your heart’s muscles can become from years of use. You can also have heart conditions, or be at risk for heart conditions, as the blood flow to your heart may not be as efficient. Studies have shown that using HGH has been effective in preventing heart diseases and combating existing heart conditions. HGH can increase the cardiac index (the ability of the heart to pump blood efficiently) and the left ventricular maximum (the strength of the heart).

Improves Mental Health

Studies have shown that cognitive functions are positively related to high HGH levels. Research also suggests that increasing levels of HGH improves cognitive functions, particularly IQ and memory. Results after 10 weeks of treatment showed a considerable rise in executive function (ability to concentrate, think rapidly, remember information connected with usual life) and the ability to memorize and solve intellectual tasks (IQ rise). For those who age, HGH naturally decreases in production after 30, making your mental functions begin to slow down. Taking HGH increases those mental functions and encourages brain improvement.

Improves Mood

While HGH has many benefits, it also boosts your mood and energy levels. Mood disturbance is often caused by hormonal imbalance, such as lack of testosterone or low levels of growth hormone. Surveys taken by HGH users suggest that HGH had significant improvement on their mood and energy level, with most viewing their well-being as positive. HGH can help you feel happier and more satisfied overall, which is a great benefit.

Improves Sleep

If you’re having trouble sleeping, and begin taking HGH, you’ll find that your sleep will significantly improve. Research shows that high levels of HGH increase deep sleep phases. HGH users have reported better sleep, with higher deep sleep phases, so you can recover faster and be more awake and energized. HGH has many benefits, but universally, getting better sleep is one of the best ones.

Boosts Immunity

Many cells that are part of our immune system are stimulated by growth hormone. Activation of our immune system can help our body ward off illnesses and heal existing diseases. Research has found that the thymus organ, the main organ for our immune system, shrinks in people who have a growth hormone deficiency, leading to a weaker immune system. Studies show that in aging individuals, the thymus also shrinks as they age, leading to a weaker immune system and an increase in risk for illnesses and diseases. Research suggests that there is a link between the growth hormone and the thymus, helping in boosting the body’s natural defenses. Growth hormone was shown to revive thymus and enhance its function to produce immune T-cells. Those taking HGH reported higher immune system responses, feeling healthier and finding that the number of times they fell ill was significantly less.

Increases Exercise Capacity

Studies have shown that growth hormone significantly increases the breakdown of amino acids, which are used to build muscles. Growth hormone encourages muscle growth by maximizing the efficiency of how your body uses amino acids. It can also boost collagen, which is an important protein for helping to build strong muscles.

Reverses the Signs of Aging

Studies have shown that taking HGH can reverse the aging process within your skin. This is because HGH increases the level of collagen in your body, which helps keep your skin elastic. The skin is constructed of collagen and elastin fibers, and these fibers need regular repair to keep skin healthy. HGH has also been shown to decrease or even remove wrinkles. This is because wrinkles appear when collagen and elastin synthesis decreases and skin dehydrates. Having HGH in the body increases collagen production and in turn increases your skin’s tightness and suppleness.

Increases Sexual Performance

While research is not conclusive on why HGH can increase libido, many HGH users report that they have better libido and sexual capacities. This may be because HGH helps with hormonal rebalance, including balancing hormones such as estrogen or testosterone, both of which play a part in libido.

Improves Vision

Studies have shown that older users of HGH have reported significant improvement in their vision, specifically night vision. Growth hormone improves the strength of muscles that hold the lens in your eye, as well as prevents retina cells from degeneration and prevents the risk of cataracts and glaucoma.

Helps Restore Organs

HGH is a popular treatment for anti-aging, and it’s no surprise, as it prevents cell aging and death by increasing collagen, rebalancing hormones, and boosting the immune system. HGH helps cell aging by helping cells to continue dividing, growing new cells and rejuvenating organs and skin cells. Research has shown that HGH can encourage new cell growth for both internal organs and outward skin, making you not only feel healthier but look healthier too.

Promotes Weight Loss

Studies have shown that HGH can also help to promote weight loss. This is because HGH maximizes your body’s efficiency to break down materials into their building blocks, such as amino acids from proteins. Not only does HGH help you build more muscle, it encourages your body to lose weight. HGH helps to rebalance your hormones, which can also help with weight loss, as many weight gain problems are due to imbalanced hormones.