Smoking & ED

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Erectile Dysfunction Causes & How To Prevent It

Erectile dysfunction (ED), can be caused by a variety of physical and psychological factors. Research shows that among these factors is cigarette smoking. This makes sense as research has shown that smoking damages your organs and blood vessels, which can affect erectile dysfunction as ED is usually due to a poor blood flow to the penis. Thankfully, quitting smoking can improve your sexual functions, as you can help your body heal from smoking’s negative effects. Quitting smoking can be hard, but thankfully we at the Oklahoma Men’s Clinic can work with you to get you to optimal sexual health.

What Smoking Does To Your Body

Smoking and Your Blood Vessels

There are many advertisements about the health risks involved with smoking. This is because cigarette smoking causes damage to many parts of your body by introducing harmful chemicals called carcinogens. The harsh chemicals in cigarette smoke can severely damage the lining of your blood vessels, making them inefficient. The same chemicals that damage your blood vessels are also damaging to organs such as your lungs and heart, causing other issues like heart disease.

While you may not think smoking can affect your libido or penile functions, it actually can. Research has shown that smoking can cause restricted blood flow to your penis, resulting in erectile dysfunction. An erection should work properly by blood vessels expanding the blood flow to the penis when prompted by the nervous system. The nerves in the nervous system are responding to sexual arousal chemical signals sent by the brain. Even if the brain sends these signals to the nerves, and the nerves prompt an increase in blood flow, erectile dysfunction can still happen due to damaged blood vessels in the penis caused by smoking.

What Does the Research Show?

While erectile dysfunction is known to be more common in older men, it can actually occur at any age. A 2005 study found that erectile dysfunction was higher in the focus group of men who smoked than the control group of those who didn’t. This study also found that for those men who had erectile dysfunction, those of younger age had erectile dysfunction due to their smoking habits.
If you smoke, the research suggests that you are more likely to develop ED. Thankfully, you can prevent having erectile dysfunction by quitting smoking and letting your body heal. It’s important to take into account your age, the severity of the erectile dysfunction prior to when you quit smoking, and other health problems that can reduce the degree of how a healthy erection can happen.

Can You Help Me?

While erectile dysfunction is a difficult subject to talk about with your partner or doctor, we at the Oklahoma Men’s Clinic recommend seeking treatment for this problem. If you don’t have a doctor to speak to, but want to talk about your erectile dysfunction issues with a specialist, make an appointment with the Oklahoma Men’s Clinic to start finding effective solutions. Our specialists know that erectile dysfunction is a common health problem and can happen to any man. We make sure that you can easily and safely get the treatment you need in a confidential environment. Your first appointment will begin your treatment journey, as our physicians will check all your prescriptions, medical history, any conditions or surgeries you have or have had in the past, as well as perform an ultrasound on the penis to check the current blood flow rate, do a body mass index (BMI), and a blood test. From these tests and diagnostics, our specialists will recommend the best treatment plan that is both safe and effective for you. All of our treatments provided are proven effective through various research studies. We’ve helped thousands of men like you in the past, with over a 90% success rate for treating erectile dysfunction. Don’t wait for treatment, contact us today.