Testosterone & Men’s Health

Is Testosterone Important to my Health?

 How Does Oklahoma Men’s Clinic Differ from my General Practitioner?

At the Oklahoma Men’s Clinic, we do not want to replace your general practitioner when it comes to your overall health. However, we have found that general practitioners may not have the time to properly identify or treat testosterone deficiency. Most doctors’ offices work on an insurance basis only, meaning they will not do tests or prescribe options that are not covered by insurance, which often includes testosterone therapy. Insurance companies generally do not respect the need for patients to maintain optimum testosterone levels. The Oklahoma Men’s Clinic believes in committing the necessary time to provide you with the treatment you need, while also making it cost-effective. We look to treat our patients’ symptoms, and get them to the optimum testosterone levels. We realize that everyone must be treated differently, and the optimum level may be completely different for you than it is for another. We evaluate your symptoms, test results, and examination, and prescribe a program that is customized for you. Our staff specializes in treating low testosterone symptoms with shots for low T and other methods at our Tulsa clinic,​ and we will work closely with you to get you the treatment you need.

Getting It Done “Old School” – Intramuscular Injections

There are many types of testosterone therapy, but not all are effective. At the Oklahoma Men’s Clinic, we believe in giving only treatment that has been proven by multiple studies, making it more cost-effective and beneficial for our clients. When treating testosterone deficiency, our staff recommends intramuscular injections, as they go straight into the bloodstream and give you immediate results. Through testosterone injections at our Tulsa clinic, we can adjust dosage of the therapy on a weekly basis and tailor your results. Our staff uses testosterone cypionate and offers our patients weekly intramuscular injections. The frequency for testosterone injection treatments at our Tulsa clinic is higher than other clinics. Some clinics and general practitioners give injections on a monthly basis. The problem with this frequency is that the patient may feel the effects of the testosterone slowly receding, which can cause irritability and fatigue. These fluctuations can be reduced or even eliminated by providing injections on a weekly basis, providing consistent results. Our Tulsa testosterone injection therapy can be performed in the office weekly or, for your convenience, we can show you how to self-inject weekly at home.

Incredi-Pellet Therapy

INCREDI-PELLET testosterone pellets at our Tulsa clinic are small capsules that are injected into the body, and then slowly dissolve. Because of the slow dissolve rate, you don’t have to see your doctor for 3 to 6 months to receive treatment.

Clomid for Men Who Want to Improve Virility

Traditional testosterone therapy can be beneficial for some men, but has negative side effects. One of the biggest is lowering sperm count, making it more difficult to conceive a child. For men who are wanting to increase their virility as well as their testosterone, the Oklahoma Men’s Clinic offers the perfect solution in the form of Clomid (clomiphene citrate). Clomid works in aging men by inhibiting estrogen in the hypothalamus, which in turn stimulates luteinizing hormone (LH) in the pituitary gland. LH helps to stimulate an increase in testosterone. This way the testosterone is increased naturally, without causing a lower sperm count. One study put 36 men with average total testosterone of 248 ng/dl on 25 mg/day of Clomid, and after 4 to 6 weeks, their average testosterone increased to 610 ng/dl, which is a significant difference. Clomid is an easy and effective treatment that our staff at the Oklahoma Men’s Clinic recommend. Clomid is a tablet that is taken orally once a day, so it is an easy and convenient therapy. While traditional testosterone therapies such as injections are good for men who want to feel younger and have hormonal rebalance, they are not for everyone, especially men who want to start a family. Clomid is an option for couples who are wanting to start a family, by boosting both testosterone and sperm count. Our specialists and providers will discuss the options of using Clomid in treating your testosterone levels and improving your virility. Our staff is trained in helping your needs be met and will address any concerns or issues you may have. We will work closely with you to get you the treatment you need.