Weight Gain in Men in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Men with low Testosterone and HGH levels often see a substantial increase in weight gain.


Stress produces high cortisol levels, and is a common reason for weight gain. Low testosterone levels and high cortisol levels cause the body to store rather than burn fat. In aging men, this can be combined with lower levels of the hormones testosterone and HGH, which reduce muscle mass. With low HGH and testosterone levels, a person can become fatigued, making it even more difficult to exercise and lose weight. All of this causes more stress, and more stress then produces more cortisol. It’s a vicious cycle, one that can be treated with testosterone and HGH therapy at Tulsa Men’s Clinic.

Men who have low human growth hormone (HGH) and testosterone levels often experience a significant increase in weight. This can be due to high cortisol (a stress hormone) levels, which cause your body to store fat rather than burn it. Additionally, you may lose the ability to convert fat to muscle mass, which causes weight gain. This unexpected weight gain can cause other health problems, such as an increased risk for heart disease. Our men’s clinic in Tulsa treats low testosterone weight gain with safe, effective HGH therapy.

The Solution

At Tulsa Men’s Clinic, we believe in a holistic approach when it comes to your treatment plan. We perform thorough testing to make the best treatment recommendations that will be safe and effective for you. Our staff may recommend either our vitality blended testosterone hormone therapy or our Restore low-level HGH injections. Tulsa’s premier men’s clinic offers treatment plans that have been proven effective through research, making them more cost-effective for you.

Remember, you don’t have to live with weight gain caused by low testosterone, because our Tulsa clinic has customized plans and HGH therapies that are as individual as you are. Contact Tulsa Men’s Clinic today to learn more about improving your weight and feeling and looking healthier overall.