Weight Loss Lab Testing

Tulsa, Oklahoma Weight Loss Lab

Creating a Weight Loss Plan

At the Oklahoma Men’s Clinic, we believe in a holistic approach to treatment. This is why we use thorough cutting-edge laboratory technology to test for any underlying conditions to your weight gain. Many of our patients come in with undiagnosed low testosterone, thyroid disorders, diabetes, high cholesterol, and abnormal liver tests. We make sure to check for any underlying issues before recommending options.

If left untreated, underlying conditions may prevent you from achieving your weight loss goals. That’s why we begin every weight loss program with blood tests, to determine any conditions that may be causing your weight gain. We can then treat these conditions and work with you on your medical weight loss diet plan, keeping you healthy and motivated.

Major Weight Loss Factors Discovered in Our Comprehensive Labs – the Problem May Be Your Thyroid. That’s Why We Test It.

If you’ve tried any sort of weight loss program, you may have noticed that it wasn’t easy or that you gave up easily. You may have had success, but the results were temporary; you lost weight only to gain it back again. It can be difficult to lose weight, as many diets are restrictive or the exercise regimen impossible. On top of that, you may have something underlying that could be working against you to lose weight.

“Is this weight loss problem in my head or is it maybe something else?”

An estimated 30 million Americans are unsuccessful at losing weight because of a thyroid condition, and not from a failing diet, according to research. At Oklahoma Men’s Clinic, we examine your thyroid as part of our comprehensive weight loss testing. We work to ensure success of your weight loss program by identifying and treating any underlying issues.*

*Individual results may vary.

Is Andropause Causing Your Weight Loss Struggle? Maybe, That’s Why We Test It.

If you’re an aging man, you might be struggling with negative side effects from deficiencies in testosterone and other hormones. One of these can be significant weight gain. Long-term hormone replacement therapy in men who suffer from testosterone deficiency can result in significant, long-term weight loss. Additionally, hormone replacement therapy may lead to a reduction in BMI, waist circumference, and improved overall body composition.*

Testosterone therapy can improve parts of the metabolic syndrome. These benefits stem from increased mitochondrial function, energy utilization, hormone balance, and increased muscle building. In addition, testosterone therapy provides enhanced physical activity and improved cardio-metabolic function. Oklahoma Men’s Clinic will test your free and total testosterone levels as part of our comprehensive lab procedure, increasing the chances of weight loss success.*

*Individual results may vary.

Is Prediabetes Causing Unexplained Weight Gain? Perhaps, That’s Why We Test for It.

Prediabetes is a disorder of the metabolism, where the body fails to properly regulate insulin, the hormone used to process sugar. This imbalance can lead to unhealthy levels of sugar in the blood. Prediabetes is often a precursor to diabetes, but it’s not the same as being diagnosed with diabetes. Being prediabetic means you still have time to get healthy and prevent diabetes.

If you find you have unexplained weight gain even with regular exercise and a healthy diet, it may signify prediabetes. Your body is becoming more insulin resistant. If the body has become insulin resistant, blood sugar cannot be used as energy and is converted to fat by the liver instead. This may explain the weight gain.

At Oklahoma Men’s Clinic, we look for symptoms of prediabetes as part of our comprehensive weight loss testing. By identifying and treating prediabetes, you have a better chance to succeed in your weight loss program. We work closely with you to make sure you get the treatment you need.