Prolific + P Shot

The Most Comprehensive ED Therapy

As Men age they lose size and sensitivity in their Penis. Isn’t it funny that as we get older our ears grow, and our penis gets smaller. Our Priapus Shot using Platelet-rich Fibrin Matrix (PRFM) can restore size, sensitivity, and enhance blood flow giving you stronger erections and orgasms.



It incorporates the harvesting and injection of one’s own plasma enriched growth factors or PRP into specific areas of the penis. The Priapus Shot uses blood-derived growth factors to rejuvenate the penis. It is a natural process that the body does not reject, and is very successful. The secret is PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma. PRP is made from your own blood. As in any procedure that uses PRP, the P-Shot begins withdrawing a small amount of your own blood. We usually only need about as much blood as you would give for a simple blood test to make the injection. Then, using a specialized centrifuge, we separate stem cells and growth factors from the red and white blood cells. What is left is the super-concentrated, super-healing Platelet Rich Plasma that is the basis of this penis enlargement shot. PRP is a kind of stem cell therapy. It uses the healing power of stem cells to enhance your sexual performance and restore your length and girth.

Prolific Acoustic Wave Therapy Combined with the P-Shot — Even Greater Results

Shockwave therapy for ED can be combined with the P-shot (PRP therapy). The growth factors in PRP promote healing and tissue growth leading to better blood flow and stronger erections.

Why It Works
Prolific Acoustic Wave “Shockwave” Therapy utilizes a simple device painlessly applied to the penis to improve blood flow and Erectile Dysfunction (ED). Evidence based research has shown that shockwave therapy for ED is very efficient in restoring erections in men. A recent 2017 systemic analysis of random control trials in the Journal of Sexual Medicine of men that were treated with low intensity shock wave therapy showed improvement in their sexual performance and erectile dysfunction.

At Oklahoma Men’s Clinic, we understand that ED is best treated comprehensively with uniquely selected therapies chosen for each patient. We have learned after years of clinical experience that combinations of therapies are often synergistic and provide the best lasting results. One particular combination for treating ED is to administer both the Acoustic Wave Therapy along with the P Shot.

The P Shot is a simple but profound procedure that uses PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) or “Liquid Gold” from your own body. By taking your own blood and spinning it in a special centrifuge, we can extract the platelets and other growth factors. A key reason why Prolific Acoustic Wave “shockwave” Therapy works is because it creates micro-injuries. When we combine therapies to include the P Shot, the PRP will migrate to the site of these micro-injuries, initiate and promote healing, create new growth of blood vessels and nerves, and regenerate existing ones. This is a true clinical synergy promoting the best possible results for the patient.

As with any medical procedure, your individual results of this therapy may vary, but we have seen many men achieve meaningful results with multiple shockwave therapy from mild-moderate ED to severe erectile dysfunction have the potential to improve and permanently restore erectile function by reinstating the penile blood flow.

PRP, by definition refers to platelets in plasma, where the platelet concentration is generally considered to be twice the normal concentration in whole blood. Nowhere in the definition of PRP is there a description for including red blood cells (RBC) or white blood cells (WBC) – in fact, these cells should be removed as much as possible from a PRP preparation. Some kits that tout high platelet concentrations often do so at the expense of having contaminating RBCs or WBCs – these cells are known to have inflammatory and catabolic effects – just the opposite of the desired effect. If the PRP in the syringe has any tinge of pink or red, it is mostly likely that you are injecting a preparation that has RBC contamination. The ideal PRP solution will be a golden, straw-like color.
By replacing standard PRP and Upgrading to PRFM we bring you the highest quality ultimate in PRP solutions

Prolific PRFM (Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix): Prolific PRFM is often referred to as “Liquid Gold” by taking your own blood and then spinning it down taking out the platelets. The shockwave therapy and the PRFM trick your body into thinking it’s injured. Platelets and other components in human blood migrate to a site of these micro-injuries. Platelets initiate the response to injury by promoting healing using a variety of growth factors. Existing blood vessels are regenerated and new ones grown when the concentration of platelets reach the micro-injuries. The PRFM is injected into 4 strategic blood vessel sites to increase systolic and diastolic blood flow. PRFM is the ultimate PRP Solution!