Restore Therapy

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What Is RESTORE Low-Level HGH Replacement Therapy?

Growth hormone therapy can help with many issues caused by adult growth hormone deficiency (AGHD). AGHD has many symptoms, including pituitary tumors, premature mortality, and natural aging. Many people do not realize they have AGHD until it is much harder to treat. Being proactive and testing to see if you have AGHD can not only help in determining issues, but also get you treatment earlier, making it easier. Our clinic in Tulsa offers the gold standard dynamic test for diagnosing AGHD, the insulin tolerance test. From your diagnosis, our specialists and providers will recommend a range of treatments, including our RESTORE therapy.

This therapy is easy to use and is calibrated for your personal deficiency with levels of insulin like growth factor-1 (IGF-1). It is injected under your skin once a day and has been shown to be generally well tolerated at the typical low doses used in adults. We not only use this medication to help treat your symptoms, but also combine this treatment with others, like comprehensive consultation, testing, and other therapy treatments. The combination of these components allows for more effective treatment, making sure your needs are fully met.

What Does RESTORE Low-Level HGH Therapy Include?

The Initial Visit:

When arriving at one of our two branches at the Oklahoma Men’s Clinic, our licensed specialists and providers evaluate your symptoms, provide various tests and diagnostics, and from those results, determine if HGH therapy would be an effective treatment for you. Our specialists will also do various blood tests to determine your current levels of HGH and testosterone to determine your level of deficiency. If you are deficient, our specialists will calibrate the right dose of therapy for you based on your weight, height, BMI, and other factors. Most doses start at lower levels to get your body used to the therapy. Depending on your treatment plan, your dose may increase over time. Our therapy is easy and stress-free, making sure you get the treatment you need. Our specialists are there to answer any questions or concerns you may have about your treatment.