Tirzepatide Plus

If you’re tired of carrying around that extra weight, it’s time to try Tirzepatide Plus from Tulsa Men’s Clinic. Designed to lower blood sugar, reduce appetite, and increase energy, our specially compounded Tirzepatide Plus formula can help you lose drastically more weight faster and keep it off longer than any other weight loss medication available today.

Tirzepatide Plus is offered as part of our comprehensive medical weight loss programs, which combine the latest in cutting-edge testing technology with proven, scientific treatments guaranteed to help you achieve results you’ve only dreamed of. Our advanced medical solutions are designed with a whole-body approach that addresses multiple determinants of weight loss, including appetite control, energy improvement, hormone regulation, and optimal nutrition.

What is Tirzepatide Plus?

Tirzepatide is in a class of medications called GLP-1 agonists, which mimic the effects of natural peptides involved in blood sugar control, digestion, and appetite. Peptides are short chains of amino acids produced by the body that are responsible for stimulating and regulating all of our biological functions and processes. There are thousands of different kinds of peptides, all highly unique and specific in their actions. Peptides provide cells with the instruction they need to function properly by binding to receptors on corresponding cells and initiating the desired response.

Glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) and glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide (GIP) are two hormone peptides specifically linked to weight.  They are considered incretin hormones, released in response to eating and responsible for signaling to the brain feelings of fullness, for slowing down digestion, and for lowering blood sugar through insulin production.

Currently FDA-approved for Type 2 diabetes, Tirzepatide Plus is the first injectable weight loss drug of its kind to combine GLP-1 receptor agonists with GIP receptor agonists, simulating the actions of both incretin hormones in a single medication.

How does Tirzepatide Plus work?


Tirzepatide Plus works by mimicking the natural stimulation of both GLP and GIP—specifically the feelings of fullness and appetite control—without the introduction or involvement of food to optimize weight loss and blood sugar control.

In preclinical models, GIP, which decreases food intake and increases energy, has been shown to complement the effects of GLP-1. Binding to these two specific hormones makes Tirzepatide Plus a unique dual-action medication that both suppresses appetite and improves how the body breaks down sugar and fat, resulting in greater weight loss and percent reduction in fat mass loss than alternatives that bind to only one (GLP-1).

Tirzepatide Plus is a once-weekly injection that can be self-administered for ultimate convenience. You’ll be prescribed 4 syringes every 4 weeks throughout the 24-week course of your treatment, and most patients reach optimal dosing at the end of 8 weeks.

Every situation and every patient is unique, but when combined with a healthy diet and exercise regimen, most patients start seeing results within the first months and experience continued improvement over the course of the program. Because it decreases how much you eat and improves how your body burns off what food you do eat, Tirzepatide Plus can help many patients lose on average between 15-20% of their starting body weight, with some patients losing even more.

Need an added boost after your initial treatment?

Try Tirzepatide Ultimate, a three-month program at maximum dosage to help you lose those last stubborn pounds for your best body ever.

Discover Real Weight Loss Results that Last with Tirzepatide Treatment from Oklahoma Men’s Clinic

Medical weight loss solutions like Tirzepatide Plus can help you lose the weight and gain control over your physical, emotional, and sexual health and become the man you were meant to be. Not only will we provide you with the comprehensive treatment plans you need to succeed, we’ll also help keep you motivated and focused along the way.

It’s never too late to start looking and feeling your best, so make today the day you talk to Tulsa Men’s Clinic about Tirzepatide Plus. Schedule a no-obligation consultation to find out more.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Tirzepatide Plus have any side effects?

The FDA has currently listed the following as potential side effects of Tirzepatide Plus:

  • Constipation
  • Upper abdominal discomfort
  • Abdominal pain
  • Decreased appetite
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea

However, any side effects tend to be milder and more infrequent than with other weight loss medications, and most potential side effects can be minimized or even mitigated by starting with the lowest possible dose and gradually increasing the dosage over time.

How effective is Tirzepatide Plus?


Individual results may vary and are dependent upon reasonable exercise and healthy diet.

Is Tirzepatide Plus safe?

As with any weight loss program, medical supervision is essential to a safe and effective experience with Tirzepatide Plus. At Tulsa Men’s Clinic, all hormone and peptide therapy patients are closely monitored by our trained provider specialists and physicians via comprehensive lab work, careful medical assessments, and a mass body index analysis. All patients are seen and evaluated by their providers every 90 days to ensure maximum safety and efficacy.