Emsella for Incontinence

Stop Incontinence In Its Tracks


Overcome Urinary Incontinence with EMSELLA™ at Tulsa Men’s Clinic

If you have been experiencing frequent urges to urinate or are struggling to control your bladder, you’re not alone. Estimates suggest that at least a quarter to a third of all men and women in the U.S. grapple with some form of urinary incontinence, though these figures may be conservative due to underreporting. However, urinary incontinence is both common and treatable, making it a condition you don’t have to just ‘put up with.”

With EMSELLA™ incontinence treatment from Tulsa Men’s Clinic, you can reclaim your confidence and regain control over your life while returning to the activities you once enjoyed. EMSELLA™ offers a non-invasive, FDA-approved solution to manage urinary incontinence symptoms without resorting to surgery or medications. 

Improve Your Incontinence Symptoms with EMSELLA™

EMSELLA™ offers a convenient and non-invasive solution for addressing urinary incontinence symptoms. The specially engineered EMSELLA™ Chair emits a harmless magnetic field that penetrates the skin and tissues, targeting the pelvic floor muscles with high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology. By stimulating these deep muscles and enhancing blood flow, EMSELLA™ induces thousands of supramaximal contractions in just 30 minutes equivalent to approximately 12,000 Kegel exercises. This process “re-educates” and strengthens the muscles, leading to symptom improvement and restoring bladder control.

Clinical studies have demonstrated notable outcomes, with 95% of EMSELLA™ users reporting an enhanced quality of life and 75% experiencing a reduction in urinary pad usage. Additionally, in one study, 50% of participants achieved complete resolution of their incontinence. 

Many patients notice improvements after a single EMSELLA™ session, with ongoing enhancement observed over subsequent weeks.

By strengthening the pelvic floor muscles and improving or even eliminating the inconvenient symptoms of incontinence, EMSELLA™ can improve multiple areas of your physical, mental, emotional, and social health by offering benefits such as:

  • Decreased urinary and fecal incontinence
  • Enhanced bladder control
  • Improved sexual performance and function
  • Elevated quality of life
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Enhanced confidence
  • Strengthened partner relationships
  • Relief from chronic back pain

The EMSELLA™ Experience at Tulsa Men’s Clinic

Your EMSELLA™ treatment consists of simply sitting–fully clothed–on the EMSELLA™ Chair while the electromagnetic technology begins a series of gentle vibrations. Each session typically lasts around 30 minutes, and we recommend starting with a series of six sessions scheduled twice a week. While undergoing treatment, you may experience some tingling and pelvic floor muscle contractions, but the treatment is completely painless. Following your session, you can resume your regular activities immediately.

Many patients notice improvements in their symptoms after just one session, with continual improvements observed week after week. The effects of EMSELLA™ can last for 9 to 12 months, but for optimal results, we often advise follow-up treatments 3-6 months after the initial six sessions.

Understanding Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence refers to a loss of bladder control, ranging from occasional leaks during activities like coughing, sneezing, or laughing to sudden and intense urges that make it challenging to reach the bathroom in time.

Urinary incontinence primarily results from inadequate support of the pelvic floor muscles, which play a vital role in supporting pelvic organs such as the bladder, bowel, and internal reproductive organs. These interconnected muscles and tissues span from the pubic bone to the tailbone and outward to the sitting bones, stabilizing the core.

Ideally, pelvic floor muscles coordinate with organs like the urethra to regulate urine release, either contracting to maintain control or relaxing to facilitate release. However, with age, bladder and urethral muscles weaken, reducing bladder capacity and increasing involuntary urethral contractions.

While urinary incontinence often correlates with age, it isn’t solely an age-related issue.

In men, factors such as an enlarged prostate or prostate surgery can contribute to urinary incontinence. 

For women, pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause can strain or damage the vaginal muscles, nerves, and supportive tissue critical for bladder control. Additionally, surgeries like hysterectomies can damage the bladder’s supporting muscles and ligaments.

While urinary incontinence may be embarrassing, you have options for treating it with effective, non-invasive solutions like EMSELLA™ from Tulsa Men’s Clinic.

Understanding the Connection Between Urinary Incontinence and Sexual Health

The same pelvic floor muscles involved in bladder control also play a pivotal role in facilitating the blood flow and contractions that happen during arousal, sexual intercourse, and orgasm. In women, these muscles regulate vaginal contractions.

Weak pelvic floor muscles, which contribute to urinary incontinence, can also impede optimal sexual function, adversely affecting intimate relationships and sexual well-being. For women, this can lead to discomfort or reduced enjoyment during sexual intercourse.

Furthermore, the embarrassment stemming from urinary leakage, odor, and a lack of control associated with incontinence can prompt individuals of both genders to refrain from sexual activity, avoid intimacy, withdraw from relationships, or suppress their own sexual desires. This cycle can foster feelings of anxiety, depression, and diminished self-esteem, creating challenges to break free from.

Don’t Let Urinary Incontinence Control Your Life with EMSELLA™ from Tulsa Men’s Clinic

At Tulsa Men’s Clinic, we’re dedicated to giving you the power to live a fulfilling life in a body you’re confident in. We offer an array of non-invasive health, wellness, and aesthetic services, including EMSELLA™, that are tailored to help you reclaim the vitality and freedom of your youth so you can get back to living the life you were meant to have.

If urinary incontinence is keeping you from your best self, contact Tulsa Men’s Clinic today and discover how EMSELLA™ can help you get back in control.


Is EMSELLA™ right for me?

EMSELLA™ can be an effective alternative to pelvic floor therapy for women of any age seeking relief from urinary incontinence and a better quality of life. You may benefit from EMSELLA™ if you’re experiencing urinary incontinence symptoms that:

  • Disrupt your daily activities
  • Impede social interactions and limit engagement
  • Increase the risk of falls due to hurried visits to the restroom
  • Negatively impact your overall quality of life

Is incontinence the same for everyone?

“Incontinence” is an umbrella term for less-than-optimal bladder control, but different people can experience incontinence in a variety of ways. 

There are four primary types of urinary incontinence:

  1. Stress incontinence, triggered by pressure on the bladder during activities such as coughing, laughing, sneezing, or lifting heavy objects, often due to sphincter muscle dysfunction.
  2. Urge incontinence, characterized by sudden, intense urges to urinate followed by involuntary urine release, often accompanied by frequent urination, including at night.
  3. Overflow incontinence, resulting from constant or frequent urine dribbling due to incomplete bladder emptying.
  4. Functional incontinence, stemming from physical or cognitive impairments.

Many individuals experience “mixed incontinence,” which is a combination of symptoms of stress and urge incontinence.