Incredi-Powder Therapy

Lose Weight Fast!


We at the Oklahoma Men’s Clinic want to help you achieve your personal weight goals. We make it easier to achieve these results with Incredi-Powder Therapy.

If you’re looking to lose weight through a diet, it’s important to know how diets work. The main goal of dieting is to achieve a state of natural ketosis (a state during which your body burns fat instead of carbs).

It generally takes 3 to 7 days of intense calorie restriction and exercise for the average dieter to reach a state of ketosis, which makes this extremely hard for most people to do. We offer an easier way to do dieting that doesn’t involve restricting your portions or going overboard with exercising.

At our weight loss clinic for men, Incredi-Powder Therapy harnesses Kegenix’s revolutionary, patented ketonic blend to put your body into nutritional ketosis within an hour.*

By “tricking” the body into ketosis, Incredi-Powder Therapy may allow you to initiate ketosis every morning, helping your body to burn fat effectively. This is followed by our Incredi-Shot (part of the Incredi-Powder Therapy regimen) which uses Kegenix KGX Boost to stay there throughout the day, continuing to burn fat. This allows you to burn fat more effectively while doing your usual tasks.

This Exogenous Ketone supplement creates a higher metabolic rate, increasing fat burning and boosting your energy levels by up to 225% while still maintaining muscle mass.*

Patients at the Oklahoma Men’s Clinic reported that Incredi-Powder Therapy reduced hunger, making it easier to avoid carbs, without any negative symptoms such as flu-like symptoms, jitters, or shakes.* Our specialists and providers recommend this effective therapy to help you lose weight quickly and easily. Kegenix Incredi-Powder products are available in three delicious flavors.

*Individual results may vary.

Here’s The Scientific Stuff:

Here is what comes With incredi-powder Therapy:

  • Incredi-Shot
  • Incredi-Powder Flavors