Testosterone in Tulsa

Is Testosterone Important To My Health? The answer is YES! That’s why its part of our Tulsa TRT Therapy

How Does Oklahoma Men’s Clinic Differ from my General Practitioner?

At the Oklahoma Men’s Clinic, we certainly respect the training of any general practitioner. However, from the clients we see, we find that most GP’s don’t have time to identify and properly treat testosterone deficiencies in men, or their symptoms. Many doctors’ offices operate on an insurance basis, which means they don’t run tests or prescribe options not covered by insurance. Many insurance companies don’t acknowledge the need for testosterone levels to be at optimum levels, rather, just higher than the minimum level. Many individuals do not have a normal hormone distribution, and therefore can be suffering from low testosterone, even if their medical records don’t say so. The Oklahoma Men’s Clinic sees hundreds of patients every month for low testosterone, and we work with them to treat their symptoms and get them back to optimum levels. Your health is important to us, which is why all of our treatment plans are proven effective through various research studies.

What are the benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

There are many benefits to testosterone therapy. The Oklahoma Men’s Clinic believes in giving only treatment that has been proven by multiple studies, making it more cost-effective and beneficial for our clients. Our previous clients have found that having testosterone therapy has significantly improved their lives. They’ve noticed ease in muscle growth, deeper sleep, better sex, higher libido, some weight loss, hair growth, more energy, and better moods. Benefits to increased testosterone make the therapy worthwhile and allow your hormones to be balanced, increasing your overall health.

The Problem with Creams and Gels

Testosterone creams and gels are not as effective for testosterone therapy as other treatments. These creams and gels are easy to sweat or wash off, making them ineffective. It’s also easy to inadvertently share the testosterone with your family, either by physical contact or in the laundry. When a family member comes in contact with the testosterone cream, they can be affected by your treatment, which could be bad for their health. Additionally, creams and gels tend to provide less impact in delivery of your treatment. For these reasons, we don’t use any gels or creams at the Oklahoma Men’s Clinic.

Skip the Weekly Injections with Our Incredi-Pellets

We use only treatments that have been proven effective through research. That is why we recommend the Incredi-Pellet testosterone replacement treatment. This pellet gives you a perfect timely release very similar to the way your body releases hormones naturally. These tiny pellets (smaller than a dime in diameter and length) are surgically implanted in a fatty area such as the hip or abdomen. The pellets then slowly dissolve, releasing testosterone into your body. The procedure takes less than 15 minutes, and you don’t have to return again for up to 5 months. Incredi-Pellet is a virtually painless procedure, and an effective way to replace your testosterone deficiency while meeting the demands of your busy life.

Getting It Done “Old School” – Intramuscular Injections

There are many types of testosterone therapies, but not all are effective. At the Oklahoma Men’s Clinic, we believe in giving only treatment that has been proven by multiple studies, making it more cost-effective and successful. When treating testosterone deficiency, our staff recommends intramuscular injections, as they go straight into the bloodstream and give you immediate results. We can adjust the dosage of your injections week to week, customizing your results and making sure the treatment is safe and effective for you. Our staff uses testosterone cypionate, and we offer our patients weekly intramuscular injections. The frequency for our treatment is higher than other clinics. Some other clinics give injections bimonthly or monthly. The problem with this frequency is that patients feel the effects of the testosterone slowly diminishing, which can cause fatigue and irritability. These highs and lows can be avoided with weekly injections that provide consistent results week to week and month to month. Our injection therapy can be done in the office weekly or we can train you to self-inject weekly at home for your convenience.