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What is Low HGH & Do I Have the Signs of Low HGH Levels?

The aging process can be an uncomfortable and awkward process for all. For those at middle age (40 and up), their bodies can start to not work as effectively as they did when they were younger, specifically when it comes to their sex drive. To compensate for an aging body, many people try multivitamins, eating better, increasing exercise, but none of these may be effective enough to increase their sex drive. The lack of sex drive may be attributed to an imbalance in hormonal HGH levels. HGH is a hormone produced by the pituitary gland. While discovered a long time ago, it wasn’t until the 1990s that a doctor named Daniel Rudman first saw the importance of HGH on libido, publishing his study in the New England Journal. In this study, a group of older men were given HGH compared to a control group that did not receive the hormone. The results of the study showed that those with HGH had significant positive changes. This study confirmed that HGH is an important factor in anti-aging. Historically, HGH was originally used to treat children with growth deficiencies, but it was realized that it could also benefit older people.

Is Restore HGH Growth Hormone Therapy Right For You?

HGH levels decline significantly faster than those of testosterone. Your body also stops making HGH much earlier in the aging process. The chart above shows the natural decrease in HGH production compared to testosterone, which is stopped much later. As a result, you become deficient in HGH sooner than testosterone as you age. At some point, your HGH levels become dangerously low, causing adverse health symptoms. To treat this, medical professionals recommend growth hormone replacement therapy.

How Does Tulsa Men’s Clinic Treat Low HGH?

Thanks to modern medicine, our lifespans have significantly increased. However, that doesn’t mean that a large portion of our lives is carefree, as we have more negative symptoms while aging. The quality of life can shift as we age, our bodies don’t work as effectively, and we may suffer memory loss or lose some of our mobility. Aging can also have a negative impact on our libido, decreasing it significantly. Thankfully, there are easy and effective treatments to our changing libidos. At the Oklahoma Men’s Clinic, we offer options to reverse the aging process. One of our options is RESTORE, a low level HGH replacement therapy. RESTORE has been proven effective by various studies, significantly improving energy levels and increasing your libido. It’s easy to use and stress-free. Don’t settle as you age, but instead do something that can help increase your quality of life. It’s time to get back to the energy you once had. Contact us today to set up an appointment to start the process of becoming a younger you.

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The signs of low HGH and related hormonal issues include: